Terry Tillaart has produced many great seminars and has shared the stage with many prominent experts such as Dr. Ben Johnson from hit documentary “The Secret”, Dr. Sabina Devita founder of the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies to name a few. He is also a featured expert in an upcoming documentary on Cancer alongside many other international experts on the subject. He has created multiple health programs himself and has had great success coaching people back to good health from a diverse variety of health challenges.

His knowledge and success have landed him both on faculty and the Board of Advisors at the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies. At one point Terry was also nominated as the Moderator for the Natural Cures Forum on the World’s largest health website.

Terry likes to think of himself as a learn-it-all and spends uncanny amounts of time and money on his continuing education and those who know him echo this sentiment. However, he is admired most for the sincere level of interest he has taken in truly helping people.