“Going to a clinic”  vs “Healing from home”

Both your dis-ease AND your health are your responsibility especially in the long run. I think it is time you educate yourself and step into your personal power.  There never is or was supposed to be any kind of “savior” other than the person you saw in the mirror this morning.

While, there are many great cancer clinics which use alternative cancer treatments. These include clinics in Germany, Mexico (Some cities are more dangerous than cancer , the United States, and many other countries.


The main advantage to using an alternative cancer clinic is that medical doctors (rarely a true advantage in my books) or other experts can monitor your initial progress “face-to-face”. In some cases they can also use equipment which the average person cannot afford.


However, it is critical to understand that no clinic can completely restore a person’s immune system within a few weeks while at the clinic. Nor can a clinic fix the damage done by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to the person’s non-cancerous cells and organs while at the clinic.


Thus, to think that a person can walk into an alternative cancer clinic and walk out totally “cured” within a few weeks, is delusional.


All clinics give their cancer patients, who have completed their treatment, a list of treatments to be used at home! Thus, even if you have your cancer treated at a clinic, you will still end up treating it at home and neither the treatment at the clinic or at home given are necessarily the “right” or most comprehensive approaches.


Note this carefully:  Many of the “alternative cancer strategies” found in my program and elsewhere are far stronger, and more comprehensive than the treatments recommended by the clinic for patient use after they leave the clinic, and often times even stronger than what is offered while in the clinic. This is because the strongest alternative strategies are designed to be complete, comprehensive and based on true healing principles.  Many of these clinics still use several pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, cancer vaccines, pseudo-natural compounds created by pharmaceutical companies etc….


In other words, even after you are sent home after being treated at one of the best alternative cancer treatment clinics, most experts would still advise you to adopt the strategies I advocate for rather than the home treatment suggested by your clinic!

Cancer is a vicious dis-ease and even though much can be done at a clinic in a few weeks, restoring the damage done to the body and the immune system by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery cannot possibly be completed in a few weeks, it usually takes 12-18 months and in some cases a lifetime to repair the damage.


Lastly, many of the strategies used in these clinics are incorporated into my program already and many of these clinics will send you home with minimal education to truly take control and personal power over your health.

Cost of Some Clinics Out There Are….


Oasis Of Hope —- $23,000 – $30,000 (plus flights to Mexico)  —3 visits 12 days, 6 days, 6 days.  1 month in between each visit and you are on your own.  Clinic sometimes uses chemo but does offer a broad range of treatments
Average clinic in Germany as I understand is approx.  $25,000


Chemo/Radiation/Surgery in US  for average Cancer patient is $350,000


CNV (+ flight to San Diego) costs $5,500 per week, and a two-week minimum stay is required. The doctors recommend three weeks for optimal care. The cost covers the full cost of the Gerson Therapy, as well as accommodations and meals for both the patient and the companion.


Sunridge —  Uses some chemo & Naltrexone, CARESENG (Ginseng @ $500 per injection in Ontario),Doxycycline is a tetracycline antibiotic drug commonly used to treat infection and radiation at times and I understand costs are comparable to Oasis of Hope


Hoxsey Clinic  — It is not as expensive as many therapies – it costs approx. $3500

La Mariposas Clinic in Spain —- 10,000 Euros for 2 weeks –Depending on the type of cancer and how advanced it is, it could cost an additional $200 to $300 the first month. (Many clinics in Tijuana – May be more dangerous than the cancer J —- $29,500 for 12 day visit, includes some take home “technology” but not big on supplements


Bruzynski Clinic  —  If you undergo this treatment you should then plan to spend at least $45-50,000 dollars in the 3-4 weeks, is what I understand.


My Program


This program is JUST as important for those who “HAD” Cancer as it is for those who have it.


This is a comprehensive, instructive guidance program done in audio format empowering you to make key decisions, as well as a test & measure of HEALTH, not dis-ease intelligently, so there is low risk and low stress. The program is delivered from the perspective of "what I would do in your shoes."


Table Of Contents


  1. Introduction – Welcome To Your Long Healthy Life

  2. Psychology of Self Leadership & Getting Leverage On Yourself For Success

  3. Poisoned By The State

  4. Testing Your Way To Certainty, The Proper Ways

  5. What You Are Not Designed To Eat

  6. Foods That Nourish & Sculpt The Body

  7. Non-Negotiables

  8. Marshaling An Army

  9. Yanking Weeds From Your Garden

  10. Bring On The Cavalry

  11. Special Situations, Funding & Miscellaneous

  12. Raising The Dead & Finding Your Balance

  13. Extreme Pain Management & Cooling The Fire

  14. Wrap Up & Extras