Terry is currently on a North American Tour and is not accepting any new coaching clients at this time. He has taken the time to record all of his coaching in audio format so you can still have his guidance on your journey to healing yourself. Please check out the program page to find the program to fit your needs.

What Is The Role Of A Coach?

While the concept of a health coach may be a foreign concept one must understand that even Tiger Woods has a whole team of coaches despite being the best in history in his craft!  A highly skilled coach can provide critical distinctions one might never come across on their own or even working with other professionals and this makes a coach the most valuable investment one could ever make in their health. A coach’s role is to help identify the most likely root causes\factors that lead to the client’s lost health and this is the most important aspect of anyone’s true recovery.  One cannot heal by simply masking the symptoms, which is the purpose of pharmaceuticals by design, nor can one ever heal through poisoning oneself. The root causes must be addressed in all cases to have lasting health and quality of life this is what makes a coach so valuable.


A coach cannot legally “diagnose, prescribe or treat” so this is not what should be expected from a coach.  A coach helps educate and build understanding that every dis-ease is multi-factorial in nature and cannot be healed through a magic bullet approach.  The road to recovery may be quite complex and a coach is an important ally in building a plan and helping to prioritize what must be done now and what can be postponed.

Is There A Guarantee My Health Will Be Restored?


In life there are no such things as guarantees.  When you hire a lawyer, Dr., Accountant or any other professional the best they can do is provide you with increased odds of success and this is no different.  There are far too many variables to guarantee success especially when the outcome is so dependent on the person actually implementing the advice.


But Health Care Is “Free”


Health care is not remotely free in a country where we pay 200+ taxes, believe me it is anything but free and we all collectively burden the system and the same goes for insurance coverage.  Have you ever heard the saying “You get what you pay for?”  This is precisely what happens when you visit the hospital.  In fact, not only do Dr’s receive ZERO training on health and nutrition (a well documented and publically admitted fact) it is also illegal for them to recommend anything other than drugs to you.  To add insult to injury, virtually every hospital test administered is VERY bad for your health it is also VERY antiquated compared to what is available outside of hospitals.


Pharmacy comes from the Greek word Pharmakeia which means controlled poison.  You CANNOT heal with poison.


The Academic Medicine study found in 2009 that medical students averaged 19.6 hours of nutrition instruction throughout medical school, down from 22.3 hours in 2004 (   (I have put almost this many hours in 1 day.)


“Medical practice has neither philosophy nor common sense to recommend it. In sickness the body is already loaded with impurities. By taking drug – medicines more impurities are added, thereby the case is further embarrassed and harder to cure.”  Elmer Lee, M.D., Past Vice President, Academy of Medicine.


What Should I Expect From A Coach?


You should not expect “traditional” emotional support from a coach this is not their role.  A really skilled coach will provide resources and insights into the mental/emotional addictions, causes of stress and dis-ease in your life in a constructive fashion but this is not the same as honoring victimhood.  A good coach is a Leader and the first principle of good leadership is to see things as they are not better and not worse.  Tiger Woods does not pay for coaches to console him nor are they paid to “acknowledge his excuses”; they are paid to provide honest feedback and course correction even if a glance in the mirror is uncomfortable.  Even the best coaches on the planet cannot help professional “Excusiologists” nor are they willing to work with them.


Step one of working with a coach is taking a detailed life history of as many factors as possible to narrow in on the root causes that have lead to poor health.  This is done through a combination of detailed questionnaires/phone/email.


Step two is to provide some education and feedback followed by suggestions of “what I would do if I were you immediately”.


Step three is to help create a roadmap to good balanced health in the body and to prioritize what must happen first.  Follow up is done primarily through email and a phone call if/when necessary.


Every decision is ultimately up to you to implement. Understand that if it is discussed there is a very good reason for it.


What Is The Difference Between A Good Coach And A Naturopath?


The approach has many similarities, which is the great news and despite common perception a coach provides many advantages.


A coach is usually much cheaper as Naturopaths charge $200 for every hour and design their approach around multiple continued visitations so they can become very expensive.


In serious health conditions a Naturopath is restricted legally and therefore will choose treatments that are defensible in court for license reasons over what is actually the most effective course of action.  For example, Vitamin C IV is a powerful, popular, well researched treatment but it is not rated in the top 100 alternative cancer treatments but it is chosen all the same because it is defensible in court.


Naturopaths are heavily courted by supplement companies in school and not necessarily the best ones, I know as I have taught supplement quality courses to some Naturopaths.  Many years ago I also visited a Naturopath for an objective perspective on my health and have kept many of the supplements recommended and labeling them as mediocre is being generous.


Most Naturopathic schools have their curriculum heavily influenced by Pharmaceutical companies and an unholy alliance is forming as ND’s are trying to get into hospitals and to accomplish this they must comply to many things and allopathic influences are skewing the education they receive.  For example, much emphasis is being placed on isolated vitamins for treatments rather than a more traditional approach.  They have become “Naturopathic Doctors” rather than practicing proper Naturopathy and this has also resulted in them having a very limited scope of what supplements are available leaving the patients without many of the worlds most effective healing substances.

Can I Work With A Coach And My Doctor At The Same Time?


In theory you can, it is ultimately your choice, but you cannot poison yourself on one hand and try and heal at the same time they negate each other.  If you need to see evidence of the actual effectiveness of 1 approach over the other this can be provided by the coach.  In the meantime consider what Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND has to say on the issue, she offers the most enlightened perspective given she went to Medical school and later to Naturopathic school because she didn’t feel she could truly help people after Medical school.


“Doctors generally do not learn about nutrition  or nutrient supplementation in medical school because they are studying disease not wellness……In the first 2 years of medical school I learned all about diseases; the second 2 years I studied drug treatments for those diseases.  We spent no time on nutrient deficiencies. Have you ever heard the expression “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”?  That is very much the case with doctors and drug treatments……Studies show that most doctors are unable to recognize drug interactions and confuse them with a need to increase the dose rather than stop the drug.  Although conventional medicine is said to be scientific, most patients are on more than 1 drug at a time, and there are NO studies proving the safety of drug combinations.”  —– Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND


Why Should You Choose Me?


I have produced many great seminars where I shared the stage and worked with many prominent people such as Dr. Ben Johnson from hit documentary “The Secret”, and Dr. Sabina Devita founder of the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies, to name a few.  I have also worked with and learned from many Chiropractors, Naturopath’s, Homeopath’s, Chinese Medicine Dr’s, Energy Medicine Dr’s, Shaman’s, Quantum Physicists, Aromatherapists, Authors and Natural Health Experts.  I also personally read a lot of medical journals, read a lot of books and online research to confirm my findings.


My knowledge and success have landed me both on faculty and the Board of Advisors at the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies as well as being a featured expert in an upcoming Cancer Documentary with many other world experts.  I was also nominated as the Moderator for the Natural Cures Forum on the World’s largest health website before it was shut down.


I have adopted a learn-it-all philosophy and I have spent uncanny amounts of time and money on my continuing education and those who know me echo this sentiment. In my quest for knowledge I have kept a very objective mindset never getting too attached to 1 way being the right way hence why I studied with so many different disciplines of health experts.  I have always wanted to know the truth on a subject and I have also exposed myself to many highly advanced diagnostics equipment that hospitals could only dream of to prove these concepts, including having hosted a live blood workshop to prove efficacy of therapies publicly.  This approach has kept me away from the Silo’s and blind spots that come from only studying one perspective.  However, I am admired most for the sincere level of interest I have taken in truly helping people.


Here are a few comments from Dr Kim Bloomer, C.V.N.D., N.D:


“Terry excellent work and thank you for doing so much research and sharing this all so selflessly. This was THE best teleconference on cancer I have EVER listened to!!! …


Terry I think you have a gift in health coaching. First of all you care and it shows. And second of all you have the knowledge. That old saying that says “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” is so true. You fortunately have both down pat!


Terry this is your calling my friend WAY too many people and animals have cancer and are dying because they have bought the lies. I hope many listen and come to you Terry.


I am proud to call you my friend Terry – you are an amazing young man! I thought a clarification on “naturopathy” was necessary because I know you were referring to naturopathic physicians not traditional naturopaths such as we are – YOU are a true traditional naturopath my friend whether you realized it or not.”